‘Marrakech is a beautiful city that can only be compared to Baghdad, large and well-constructed, surrounded by majestic ramparts and with a souk stocked with lots of merchandise. It possesses magnificent palaces, madrasahs, and mosques. The most important mosque is known as the mosque of the booksellers (kutubiyin). It has an extremely high minaret from which the entire city and the snow-covered mountains can be appreciated.’

Ibn Battuta (1304-1369)
(Arabian traveler and geographer)

After nearly seven centuries, Ibn Battuta’s description of Marrakech remains the same. Its picturesque markets, lively souks and the busy Jemaa el Fna Square continue to brighten up the life of the city, offering visitors thousands of crafted products. The Koutubia, the medersa of Ben Youssef, or the beauty of the Bahia Palace compete with the seclusion of the Saadian tombs and the coolness of the Menara gardens and the Palm Tree Grove (Palmeral).